which make up style will work for you?

Makeup Tips For Beginners – Learn the Basics

Makeup tips are a dime a dozen nowadays, but how do you know which one to follow? How do you know which makeup style will work for you? Skilled cosmetic makeup experts have the answers for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular makeup tips.


When learning how to apply foundation

many beginner women shy away from it because they think it is too tricky. However, with a handful of very basic and easy-to-use makeup tips anyone can easily blend her skin tone into the foundation, without a lot of effort. Some people refer to this blending as “combing” your makeup. If you want a really neat and seamless finish, try blending powder and shimmering powders, using a fluffy blending brush. Any type of powder will do, so try a brand you are not used to using.


When learning how to apply foundation

another must-know tip is to remember that one puff will give you a completely different look than applying three or more. One of the best makeup tips for beginners is to remember the lines from your eyebrows to your chin. Those lines are called “raccoon eyes.” You want to make a small, thin line from your eyebrows to your jawline, and another thin line from your jawline to your forehead. Now you can fill in any “blind spots” by lightly brushing in your highlights.


One of the most important makeup tips for makeup beginners

is to keep your eye makeup simple. These means don’t go overboard and try to do too much. If you become frustrated and do not find an easy way to blend your eye color, then chances are good your makeup products are not right for you. Most professional makeup artists will give you a handful of tips and tricks to help you get started. Some basic tips include using liquid eyeliner on your bottom eyelids, using brown mascara on the top of your lashes, and even using a blush brush to create a smoky eye effect. Many experienced artists will also let you in on their secret weapons: eye shadows and highlighters with waterproof formulas.


Knowing how to use makeup brushes

is also one of the most valuable makeup tips for beginners, especially those who are just getting started with liquid or cream foundations. Makeup brushes come in several different sizes and bristles and should be chosen based on what type of look you are trying to achieve. Both loose and stiff bristle brushes are great for defining cheekbones, creating a flawless complexion, highlighting the eyes, and creating eye-shadow colors. Most beginners find it easiest to use loose brushes to apply foundation and then they find that stiff bristle brushes work best for the application of eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascaras.


Another one of the most important makeup tips for beginners

is to use a quality concealer with an angled brush or a finger to cover up any spots that may not appear in the mirror. Some concealers are specifically for the under-eye area, while others cover large areas around the eyes. It’s also important to be patient when applying concealer because a fresh blemish can take several hours to develop before it is visible. The last, but certainly not least important of all the makeup tips for beginners is to always have patience.

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