Pilates Studio Competition

Pilates Studio Competition – Why You Should Win Over Your Clients With A Pilates Studio Competition On Social Media

Have you heard of the Pilates Studio? If not, you should. Pilates is the most popular choice for flexibility and core strength training in the world. But it’s not just big to small Pilates studios which are experiencing such success. Successful independent Pilates studios are often franchising their brands as much as their local boutique siblings are.


The most obvious example of this Americanised Pilates studio brand

is Pilates itself. Nowadays, it’s hard to talk about Pilates without referring to it, or at least referring to its modern incarnation. In fact, I almost forgot to mention: Pilates studio brands like Stott Pilates and Her Pilates are now used by millions of Americans. Even more impressively, even traditional studio names, like Stott Pilates and studios which used to exclusively cater to men (including my own), are now getting on board. That’s right, they’re now opening up their women’s classes – just like Pilates does for women.


So that brings us to the original question

why should you buy a Pilates studio? Well, first off, you should buy a Pilates studio because you want to practice and improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and body control through the use of Pilates equipment. Some Pilates classes incorporate sports skills and drills, such as speed and powerlifting, Tai Chi, and martial arts, into their classes, as well as Pilates in itself. This increases the fitness benefits of Pilates for both clients and teachers alike.


Secondly, you should buy a Pilates studio

because you want it to be seen by others. In America, where there are many national and local venues with Pilates equipment, Pilates has become increasingly popular as a workout method. Pilates studios have opened in commercial gyms, including those in New York and Hollywood, and in sports medicine clinics, like those in Colorado and Texas. Pilates is now being taught in some of the finest resorts and spas around the world, from Mexico to Italy, as well as at the prestigious University of Maryland in College Park. And people are starting to catch on that Pilates is a great way to keep fit, feeling great, and looking great.


Thirdly, you should buy a Pilates studio

because you want to develop your own community. There are many benefits to building your own community around your Pilates studio. For example, your Pilates classes will be open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Pilates isn’t just for people “in-between” workout routines. It’s also for people who want a challenging regime that will challenge their core, back, hips and shoulders in a fun and enjoyable way. As a result, your clients will be coming to your Pilates studio regularly, contributing to your community, and showing off what they’ve learned.


Lastly, if you are going to win over your clients

and win over the hearts of your community, you need to advertise. Many studios these days have invested heavily in marketing and advertising in order to attract new students. And even though it may not seem like it at first, having a quality Pilates studio competition on social media sites like Facebook is a great way to not only attract students, but to foster student friendships that may last a lifetime. The most successful fitness professionals are those who spend time socializing, sharing ideas and promoting their business, and this is something that you can do by creating your own Pilates studio competition on Facebook.

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