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winter insulation kit

A few days ago I was looking at houses for sale and the interesting thing I found was that many of them were like the one we have at the moment. My older sister’s house was cold and it rained a lot, but she put the plastic winter insulation kit on the side and never let anything ruin it, even when the ground was frozen. The old siding was damaged and the gutters were broken, but she never had any problems with her house until about five years ago. When I told her about this house I was really surprised, because all her stuff is in great shape and the house was not at all worn down.

It turned out that this particular house needed to go through another long winter because the siding was just too rotten to hold the snow that came in during those winter months. So, the contractor was supposed to come out and fix this and also install another set of gutters to help ward off any future rain. However, because the winter was so severe he did not bother. Instead he decided that it would be better for him to sell his house for an even bigger price and then have somebody clean up what was left of his home after the winter. This is when my dad and I got wind of this blog Lovin’ A Blog called “structed homes” and he mentioned this house.

the house that were not damaged

Anyway, he invited me and my sister to visit him and his cousin’s house for the weekend. During this visit my dad noticed some damage to one of the rooms in the house, but he did not mention it because he thought that the damage was because of the wind and the snow. My sister and I were so excited when we got there, because we knew that this house was in need of serious help and it looked as though it had been really devastated by the winter. The next morning, however, my dad showed us all the damage that had been done, and it turned out that the damage was much worse than he realized.

The entire house had been completely destroyed except for one room in the middle. My dad was not able to see the damage from the bathroom window because the window was open when he arrived, but we could tell from the damage that the whole house had been damaged by the wind, the snow, and the sleet. The antlers that were on the ceiling were all broken. The antlers had come loose from the ceiling. My sister was absolutely shocked. There were only two rooms in the house that were not damaged.

house for winter

My uncle and his cousin were able to save the rest of the house. They removed the bales of hay that were sitting on top of the floor and put these bales in a plastic garbage can. They also put duct tape on the windows and on the doors so that no moisture would get in. They covered the broken beams with more duct tape. They made sure that the furnace was not going to cool the house off too much because that would have caused even more damage.

This is how my house for winter became a house ready for winter. It is nice to be able to go away and come back in and start working again. When spring comes, I will still be able to use the rooms where I worked so that my family would be able to live comfortably. This house was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was a lot better than what I thought it would be.

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