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How Marketing Campaigns Work

Marketing Campaigns have come a long way since the days when television, radio, and other mass media were used for advertising. The reason why TV, radio, newspapers are no longer effective in delivering marketing messages to potential clients is that they are just too expensive.

Cost-effective approach

One person can advertise his or her products or services thousands of times in a week and get the same amount of hits as if they advertised the same items twenty-four hours a day. This cost-effective approach is no longer applicable and the advertising professionals are now focusing on other kinds of mediums like the Internet for marketing campaigns.

Customer Relation

Marketing Campaigns mean improving customer retention and loyalty and to build brand loyalty. A rebranding campaign focuses on a specific product or service that has been discontinued. An advertising campaign consists of a series of advertising messages that all share a common theme and message that form an integrated whole that creates a more powerful marketing communication.

Online Platform

An IMC is an online platform where a group of individuals can team their ideas, thoughts, and values in a manner that is not possible within a newspaper, magazine, or other mass media. An individual may rebrand the same product twenty-four hours a day in an online forum or create a totally original and unique campaign by sending emails only to selected individuals who opted in to receive information from the advertising firm.

Unique Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns are usually planned and created by marketing firms who specialize in creating unique marketing campaigns and event branding. These firms have access to talented professionals that specialize in strategic planning, creative branding, advertising, and promotions.

Extensive Library

The advertising firm will also work closely with the client to help them achieve their marketing goals. Most agencies have an extensive library of pre-made promotional materials that can be used for creating personalized marketing campaigns as well. These customized materials include business cards, logos, posters, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, calendars, and many more that can be printed easily and quickly to create an advertising campaign from scratch.

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