Katana samurai

The Katana Samurai Sword is one of the most recognizable swords in the world. It was claimed to be the first successful Japanese sword-making weapon. The blade is made from a single piece of wood with an oblong guard and a grip. The hilt is held in the left hand and the blade in the right, and the design goes back and forth as the blade is swung back and forth. This action creates the “rays” which are the trademark markings of the Katana. The actual history of the katana can be found in many writings and stories and one of these is the Heian story which dates back to the 14th century.


The katana had only been used by samurai warriors on battlefields so when a katana was owned and used by a civilian it was often referred to as the “bladed sword”. The term katana refers to the Katana, which is actually a generic word for any sword. There are many different styles of katana, the most common ones being the Wakizashi, the Tanto and the Samurais.


The Katana Samurai Sword is a highly versatile weapon and was often carried for both offense and defense. After all it’s just a knife! These swords are extremely tough and durable, making them ideal for all situations. They can be found in almost any style and with any amount of extras like tsubas and katana grips, they can be used for almost any function. They can also be very easily converted into a machete, a ninja sword, or even a civilian gun.

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