Is It Possible to Go to Court After Being Sexually Harassed in the Workplace?

Employment lawyers specialize in the employment practices of employers and law firms that do business with them. Employment lawyers represent employees who claim they have been unfairly discriminated against due to their sexual orientation, gender, age, religious conviction or other protected traits. The basic function of employment lawyers is to ensure that all aspects of the workers’ rights are protected, and that the interests of all parties are properly represented. They also fight cases of sexual harassment or other similar claims. They ensure that the right of an employee to work in the organization is not infringed.



When there are allegations of sexual harassment or other forms of workplace injustice, they make sure that both the employees and the employers are properly represented. In most cases, an employee makes a complaint about his or her unwanted sexual advances or other conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace and then later decides to file a lawsuit. These lawyers to ensure that all sides of the story are covered, and help their clients get what they rightfully deserve from workplace injustice.

Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment case can be filed by an individual or by an organization, either governmental or non-governmental. It can also be brought by an employee if he feels that he has been unfairly disadvantaged by other employees, by the employer or by the workplace. In most cases, it is the aggrieved employee who files the complaint. However, in cases where the victim is an employer, an employment lawyer can help make sure that he complies with the employment laws, since many employers are required to institute policies to prevent unwanted sexual harassment.

Employers must implement anti-harassment policies that include proper supervision of its employees, as well as guidelines on how to handle situations that may arise. The aggrieved employee may file a lawsuit claiming that he has been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. An experienced employment lawyer will be able to assess the strength of his case, and build a strong defense on behalf of his client. If you are an aggrieved employee, you should seek legal counsel immediately, so that you can obtain justice and compensation.


An experienced lawyer can advise you on whether or not your sexual harassment case should be heard by the Employment Tribunal, which is a government body that decides on issues arising in the workplace. If your lawyer thinks that you have a strong case, he may require you to go before the tribunal to give evidence and present it in front of its members. This may require you to attend mediation with your lawyer and may even involve having to attend mediation in person.

However, an employee is not required to go before the tribunal if he decides not to pursue it. In many cases, an employer will take the initiative and approach the EHRC to seek help in resolving the problem. If your sexual harassment case does not proceed to the tribunal, an employment lawyer may request that you be dismissed from your job. In this situation, your lawyer will seek to represent you in court and attempt to secure an unfair dismissal claim from your employer. For this reason, it is always wise to seek legal advice as soon as possible after being accused of sexual harassment.

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