How To Lower Your Home Electricity Bill

Electricity bills are one of the costs that can really add up for most households in Australia

The reality is that electricity makes daily life so much easier than it used to be centuries ago. This is also why there is a growing need to conserve more on electricity usage which only translates to a smaller increase in household electricity bills each month. As such, the following tips to lower electricity bill will help you save significantly on electricity consumption in Australia.

Here’s what you need to know:

Increase your air conditioning usage A lot of people simply turn their air conditioners up to full capacity without considering whether or not they’re using more electricity. When you use a lot of air conditioning, the unit actually uses more electricity than when it’s just running at a lower level. The best thing to do is to maintain the cool settings and turn your air conditioner down lower whenever possible. Additionally, make sure that you don’t forget to lower the thermostat when it’s not in use. In this way, you’ll be able to lower your energy consumption even more. To save more, you can also consider purchasing a programmable thermostat that is actually helpful in energy efficiency and allows you to set specific temperatures for different times of the day.

Switch to heat and air conditioning Now, this may seem like a strange suggestion to make when it comes to your electricity bill but using heat and air conditioning during the summer months can actually lower your bill during winter months. The reason behind this is pretty simple. During the summer, Australian weather is very hot and humid making it impractical to use air conditioning. Not only is it costly to run these appliances, but they also take up valuable space. On top of that, they create a lot of dust and allergens that can actually spread around your home which leads to respiratory problems. Heat and air conditioning can actually help alleviate these issues because it naturally lowers the temperature.

Lower your power usage By turning on and off your air conditioner as needed, you will actually be saving quite a bit of electricity usage. When you have this on all the time, you’ll actually use less electricity. When the temperature drops, you won’t need to turn it on and all of a sudden turn it off. All you have to do is simply lower the temperature and it will automatically start cooling down your room. You can also keep in mind to check your thermostat setting since too low of a temperature can also increase the amount of time before your electricity bill comes due.

Try laundry detergents Last but not least, use laundry detergents that are specially designed to reduce electricity bills. Most of these detergents have been designed to have low electricity usage and are very environmentally friendly. Using laundry detergent regularly will actually lower your electric bill each month.

Use dryer sheets not only lower your electricity bill but they also reduce your electric bill because you don’t have to use heat when drying your clothes. This is especially beneficial for people who have a small laundry room. Dryer sheets can take up quite a bit of space and they cost money. If you really don’t have a lot of space for a dryer then use white laundry towels instead of the regular ones and you’ll both save a lot of money and get the job done much faster.

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