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How To Clean Your Contact Lenses And Have Healthy Eyes Forever

Contact lenses are typically made for very specific wearing periods. Depending on your eyesight, your eye care practitioner may recommend a particular lens style designed specifically for frequent replacement, or even a lens specifically designed for planned replacement. The correct wearing time depends on your eye condition and current level of wear. Understanding how the lenses work will help you identify which styles of contact lenses will be appropriate for you and the information provided here should help you do just that.


Your eyes are exposed

to a variety of irritants every day which can adversely affect your health. To minimize any adverse health reactions when washing your contacts, you should use an eyewash designed specifically for contact lenses. You should not use normal soap to wash these contacts, instead, the specially designed eyewash should be used. Eye rinses are just as effective at cleaning contacts as regular soap, providing a gentle cleansing to keep your eyes healthy.


One of the main reasons

that people wear contact lenses is to make their eyes look better. Contacts worn for extended periods can be worn day in and day out and, over time, the eye area can become dry and irritated. This results in itching and discomfort around the eye region. The solution to this is simple, rinse your hands with warm water, and wash your hands with the same water, using your fingertips. Washing your hands will remove any dirt, oil, or another contaminant that could irritate your eyes.


When it comes to taking care of your contact lenses

you need to follow the exact instructions given to you by your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for them. Following the doctor’s instructions will ensure that your contact lenses are comfortable and free of contamination and that they are properly cleaned and maintained. It will also make sure that they are properly maintained so that they are working as well as possible.


It is recommended

that you wear daily disposable contact lenses one day before your exam. This will allow your eyes to become accustomed to the contact lenses and will also give your doctor an idea of how much change you require each day. When choosing a brand, choose one that has the lowest rate of loss. As with all products that you are using for the first time, it is advisable to wear them only one day at a time and work your way up to two days and then three days and then four days before your exam.


To clean your lenses:

Wash your hands thoroughly and wipe the lenses gently with a lint-free towel. Then gently rinse with warm water and dab your hands dry. Then you can wipe away the residual oil with another lint-free towel. Do not clean your eyes with soap or water. If your hands are dirty, it is important to wash them thoroughly first so that your hands do not touch the lens with any amount of dirt.

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