Eye Care Tips For Contact Lens Use

Most contact lens wearers understand the benefits of using their contacts correctly

Correctly using contact lens is an important factor in maintaining eye health and vision improvement. But many contact lens wearers also incorrectly use their contacts, which leads to eye problems that can actually worsen their eye health or vision problems. In order to avoid these problems from worsening your eye health and vision, you need to properly use your contact lens to the recommended usage tips provided by your optometrist. Here’s how:

Soft contact lenses should only be worn for short periods of time at a time. Wearing a contact lens overnight may lead to dry eyes, so it’s best to avoid wearing them overnight. Most people who wear soft contact lenses to treat presbyopia usually wear them for less than 30 minutes at a time.

Always rinse your hands with water before putting in your contact lenses into your eyes

Using tap water to rinse your hands is not recommended as tap water is typically full of bacteria that can irritate your eyes and may cause stinging. The same goes for using rubbing alcohol or mouthwash to wash your hands prior to applying contact lenses. These methods can also irritate your eyes. To minimize the risk of irritation and to improve your eyes’ health, you should always rinse your hands thoroughly with plain water before touching your eyes.

When you first put on your contact lenses, do not wear them all the way down your nose. In case your contact lenses feel heavy after a few hours, you should remove them and gently flush them down with water. You should then put them back on after at least five to ten minutes. This allows your eyes to breathe and get rid of any excess pressure caused by the contact lenses down your nose.

make sure you follow the directions of your eye care professional

You may have experienced itching or irritation when you first started wearing your contact lenses, but this will normally go away with a day or two. If you are experiencing severe itching, redness or burning your eyes may need further treatment from your optometrist. It is important to store contact lenses in a proper way to prevent the build-up of bacteria and allergens. If you constantly wear your contact lenses with dirty hands, it is best to clean your hands before putting them in your eyes.

Last but not least, make sure you follow the directions of your eye care professional when it comes to cleaning and storing your contact lens. Do not use any type of soap or cleansing agent that is meant for swimming or diving. Also, it is important to store your contact lens case in a dry lens case, which means it should be air-tight and not have any type of plastic in it. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to maintain your beautiful vision.

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