Different Body Armor Systems?

How Are Concealed Body Armor Systems Different?

Body armor can only safeguard your life, however, if you wear it in the right way. Police officers tend to do not wear their body armor due to discomfort from added weight, lowered mobility, chafing, and increased weight from the armor. In police work, comfort is key; therefore, it is recommended that you wear a vest with extra padding. This will help reduce chafing and increase your comfort and thus your performance.


Police officers also tend to work long hours

often 40 hours or more per week, which is why it is important to have the best protection available. Unfortunately, vests that just ride up your buttock to your stomach every time you sit down can be uncomfortable and cause your body armor to wear out faster. There are vests available that fit your body correctly so that it protects you both from below and above. These vests will not leave any loose spots or areas exposed to unnecessary injury. They are perfect for those who work shift work and would not be comfortable wearing their normal work uniform.


Another benefit to these vests is that they offer tactical flexibility.

As most anyone with tactical skills knows, having a good vest with added functionality such as front & rear pockets, padded straps, adjustable straps, and even extra panels that can protect both above and below will give you much more flexibility in your tactical gear. If you were working outside in an area with poor visibility, adding this kind of protective armor to your tactical vest can allow you to wear a full tactical vest even in poor conditions such as heavy rain. You can still carry a baton, gun, and other items easily while still wearing your tactical vest.


Side armor is another great benefit of vests.

The vests designed to fit over a person’s entire torso provide superior protection to the weaker areas of his body. These vests are designed to cover the weaker sides of your body, protecting the areas that are less protected by your clothing. Many times, those areas would be exposed if your vest were to be left on full length.


One of the greatest advantages of the concealable armor systems

is that they are made for both concealment and offense. Manufacturers such as the German Sport Suppression System M Series IIIA Ballistic Panels, and the US Body Armor Company NIJ Level IIIA ballistic panels fit right onto a standard size man’s t-shirt. Because they fit so snugly, they are nearly impossible to detect and you will not be bothered by them unless you are going to be exposed to them while working in an area where other concealable armor systems would be a benefit.


Concealed hand and belt guards are another great benefit of these vests.

Because they fit so snugly, they give you superior protection for either your belt or your hands. Maintaining the protection of the vest means that it must always be on full. Many MLE ( Mandalear Rifles Tactical Insert) vests are designed to work with standard-sized belt loops. The thicker straps are also more secure because the excess material is removed from the back of the plate through the front of the insert which makes the vests extremely difficult to remove from your back.

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