Collecting Japanese Swords

Some sword are used for weapon was primarily used for cutting and slicing

There are numerous styles of Japanese Swords available today, each differing in size, length, shape and technique of manufacture. Some of the most popular types of Japanese Swords are the tanto, katana, Wakizashi, machete, wakizashi and each, that are derived from the same basic tool as the katana. The tanto is a smaller sword, typically between forty-five to fifty inches long, with a blade up to three feet long. This weapon was primarily used for cutting and slicing, though there is the rare but occurrence of the tanto being used in close quarter combat.

The banana is one of the larger sword types, between two to five feet in length, and used for parrying, striking, thrusting and holding. The wakizashi is the shorter sword, between one to two feet in length, which was primarily used for stealth attacks and as a backup sword when a samurai was unable to go into battle with his weapons. The machete, also known as the knife sword, is a small sword that has a strong yet flexible blade that can be shortened for additional maneuverability. These are all commonly used as concealed weapons due to their size and utility.

Collectors have noted the number of styles of Japanese Swords present in various collections

Which date back over a century. One of the most noted swords is the Katana, which is known as a legendary weapon used by the Japanese warriors of old. The katana consists of a handle with a guard and a short blade. Two handed swords are usually double edged, and a single-edged katana is also known. These swords have become increasingly rarer over the years and are only found in very select museum collections.

There are several other styles of Japanese Swords that are being collected today. The shoji, or fan-blade, is a single edged sword that is double edged and is typically longer than the katana and more than three feet in length. The wakizashi is a small sword that is typically less than one foot in length and made for close range use. While the machete is the sword of choice for many of the battle drills and sparring that practitioners do, the wakizashi is more for cutting and thrusting weapons.

Swords have been worn for centuries by men all over the world as a method of self defense

While this weapon was traditionally used for offensive purposes, they are also used in countless situations as a means of protection. While most swords have a blade that can be used in either an offensive or defensive situation, there are some that come with a special feature known as a hamon, or direction. The hamon is a small sword that will alternate hands in a pattern that is designed to tell the viewer where the weapon is located when it is in use. In some cases the hamon is painted onto the blade itself so that whoever is using the sword can tell who is whose blade at any given time. This is especially true with some Japanese swords known as commemorative swords.


Many Japanese Samurai Swords is available to collectors around the world today, however the ones that are most sought after are known as masahiro, or Japanese battle swords. While they may not look much different from any other type of sword, there markings on the blades that tell a story about the person who carried or used them. Of all of the Japanese swords known for their unique designs, these are probably the most well known. The reason for this is because the design is what set these swords apart from all others.

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