Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is the legal termination of a marital relationship or marriage

Divorce typically, thereby dissolving the marital ties under the prevailing legal rules and laws of that particular state or country. This legal procedure of divorce is undertaken for a number of reasons including those relating to the disintegration of a marriage or to any of the spouses’ mental, emotional, physical or psychological health, together with the expenses of maintaining a household. In some cases, divorce is also instituted for expedient reasons such as to secure the children’s welfare or to ensure that the elderly parent’s last wishes are fulfilled.

If you are a spouse considering a divorce, it is advisable that you seek the help of a qualified divorce attorney. A divorce attorney is well equipped to handle your case and to represent you in court. However, not all divorce attorneys can effectively and properly represent your interests. Therefore, before hiring a divorce attorney, it is vital to take into account factors like the nature of your case, the cost involved, your spouse’s history and character and the availability of an attorney. In the event that there is a possibility that a lawyer can better serve your interests than your spouse, it may be worth your while to pay for an attorney.

divorce attorneys work on a no-fault basis

This means that both the husband and the wife have to file the divorce complaint with the court. A common divorce procedure is conducted and the divorce action is finalized when both the parties to submit their written divorce request to the court. The spouses then return to the courthouse with their filled divorce request forms and will be formally notified if they have been granted a divorce or not.

Some divorce attorneys will also work on a contingency fee basis, which means that he or she will charge only after winning the divorce case. In this type of arrangement, the divorce attorneys receive a percentage of money from the settlement amount. In some instances, the spouse who pays the divorce attorney charges nothing unless the divorce is finalized. In most instances, the spouse who covers the cost of divorce pays nothing in return.

make sure that he or she is experienced in dealing with divorce cases

Before choosing a divorce attorney, you need to make sure that he or she is experienced in dealing with divorce cases. The divorce attorney should therefore be specialized in dealing with divorce cases and should have strong relationships with experienced divorce attorneys from other law firms. It is also advisable to hire a divorce attorney who is familiar with the laws of your state, as some aspects of divorce involve laws that are different in various states. The divorce attorney should also possess knowledge about the requirements of your particular state for obtaining a divorce, so that he or she knows whether your divorce request will be granted.

If the divorce request has been granted by the court, the divorce attorneys are responsible for gathering all the required documents and filing them with the court. The divorce attorneys also need to settle any financial matters like alimony and the division of marital property. Once all the paperwork is ready, the divorce attorneys to proceed with the divorce proceedings, and the couple is required to finalize a prenuptial agreement prior to the divorce. Once the divorce is finalized, then the spouses are considered single. However, it is possible for the partners to remarry within a year of the divorce if the relationship was amicable before the divorce.

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