Choose Right Coloured Contact Lenses

Choosing Right Coloured Contact Lenses

Right, Coloured Contact Lenses can quickly transform your entire look to assist you to sport a new persona. But, different coloured contacts can also have varying effects on different people, depending largely on their characteristics like texture, tonality, size, etc. There are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with every kind of coloured contact lens. For instance, opaque contacts, particularly those that come in shades of grey or black, can reduce the natural warmth of the eye and therefore, create a more dramatic effect on the face. Since these lenses are opaque, they can’t be worn by everyone, especially those who don’t spend much time outdoors and those who stay in a cold environment.


Opaque colour contact lens colours like grey or black

are suited for those who want to contrast with their skin tones, or those with warm, earthy tones, or those with cool skin tones. On the other hand, those with warm or cool skin tones can go for cool-toned colours. If you have warm skin tones, you can go for warm-toned colours or those that have a slight undertone of blue or green.


On the other hand, those with sensitive eyes

can opt for amber or rose coloured contacts. These lenses will enhance the beauty of your eyes, while at the same time, they will help you get rid of eye strain. Moreover, these glasses are suitable for those who spend a lot of time outdoors as they absorb and block excess UV rays. On the other hand, if you have very sensitive eyes, you can go for the ones that offer higher levels of oxygen permeability, such as those found in Impact glass and Translucent colour contacts.


Among the most popular lenses for those with sensitive eyes

are the daily disposable and extended wear contact lens wearers. The daily disposable lenses are meant for people who can change them regularly. On the other hand, extended wear lenses are ideal for wearers who are constantly on the go. However, it is important to note that these lenses are not advisable for those who have weak eyes as they might irritate. Moreover, these lenses might be too uncomfortable for frequent users as they can be bulky and heavy.


Last but not least

those who want to achieve a natural look can choose from among the various coloured opaque lenses available in the market. Some of the popular opaque lenses include coloured bifocal and no-line lenses, which give an unnatural effect when the light is turned off and on. On the other hand, those who want to add a little colour to their faces can opt for coloured enhancement lenses. Those who want to enhance their eye colour to appear more attractive can try out the coloured enhancement coloured smoke lenses. These coloured enhancement lenses work best for those who have blue eyes and dark hair.


Apart from coloured lenses

there are also many other varieties of lenses in the market such as progressive, anti-aliasing, high water content, multifocal, and even toric lenses. Those who want to buy good quality lenses need to ensure that the lens they are purchasing has good oxygen permeability, high water content, anti-aliased, and natural colour. This will ensure that the lenses offer good protection to the user’s eyes from the harmful effects of the rays of the sun. Furthermore, the user must also ensure that the lenses provide comfort and durability.

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