An Architectural Design Firm Should Have a Good Online Presence

Architectural design is a creative process

These 5 key points are the: Site, Program, constraint, concept, and goals of the overall project. By clearly identifying these key points an architect can have the information necessary to start an architectural design program. Once the program is initiated, it takes a dedicated team of architects and designers to ensure the overall vision of the firm is achieved.

These tips will be especially helpful to new graduates who want to take the challenge of architectural design. These tips include the use of CAD software. A CAD software program allows you to easily create detailed, three dimensional drawings. The program is available for purchase or can be used free of charge on the internet. In addition to creating intricate drawings, this program can also be used for creating visual representations of spatial relationships through the use of geometry, light, reflections, and surface treatments.

3D modeling techniques

As part of the architectural design process, an architect should create detailed sketches of the site as well as the constraints. Site analysis is very important for determining the location of the architect’s future buildings. This is typically done using 3D modeling techniques and software such as AutoCAD. Site analysis determines if there are any surface or environmental issues that could affect the viability of a building from an architectural standpoint. If problems are identified, these could be addressed in the designs or construction plans for a future building.

Another aspect of site analysis is the identification of vegetation and land cover needed for the comfort of inhabitants and wildlife. Site planning could include the planting of trees, building walkways, or even altering existing structures to better match the natural landscape. After an initial site analysis is performed, a landscape architect is then employed to interpret the findings and create a well thought out and feasible architectural design plan.

architectural firm should have a blog

Social media plays an important role in this fast paced, always on the go society. A dynamic online presence is imperative in this constantly evolving culture. The architectural firm should have a blog, a Facebook page, and/or a YouTube channel to facilitate this fast paced society. By having an online presence the architectural firm will become more accessible to the public. Many people who want to learn more about a particular structure or building will do so through online research. Additionally, having an online presence will help project managers to promote the firm and will increase the firm’s revenue.

The social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are a great way to interact with clients and fans. Having a presence on these sites will give the architect a chance to interact directly with a client and discuss the building design in detail. A good architecture firm should consider how each of these social networking sites can affect their architectural design business. These sites are a huge part of our society and a good architectural design business should recognize that.

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