American Flag

A Brief History of the American Flag

The American Flag, also known as the American National flag or the US flag, is the national emblem of the United States of America. It is a symbol of the unity of all Americans, whatever their race, color, religion, or background, as it is a symbol of peace and freedom. This flag was used as the official flag during the period known as the American Civil War. The flag is one of the most frequently visited symbols of U.S. History.


There are many facts and myths

about the beginning of the American Flag. Most people believe that the flag was created by a man known as Johnependence, though there are some other theories as well. One of the more common theories is that the design of the flag commemorated the victory of the American Revolution. Some even believe that the design of the flag was changed from the standard American Flag after the American Revolution to what we now know as the American Flag.


The first American Flag

was made out of cotton and cloth and was red. The design of this flag day was not until 1776. During the American Revolution, many of the colonists were not happy with the design of the American Flag. In 1776, the Continental Congress passed an act changing the design of the American Flag so that it would have thirteen horizontal alternate red and white stripes rather than the traditional blue and white stripe. This change was meant to honor those who fought for the American Colonization.


Today the American Flag

primarily flies in a vertical position with white stars, representing the American States of America. On flags that are flown overseas, the American Flag is replaced by the flag symbolizing the country in which the plane is flying. In some instances, however, the American Flag is replaced by another symbol such as the Stars and Stripes. This occurs when the country that is flying the flag is not a recognized country in the country of which the plane is flying.


Many different versions of the American Flag

can be flown at any given time. The official American Flag flown at half staff is used to signal a serious situation such as an emergency or a war. This flag is also occasionally flown to honor military members and those killed while flying the American Flag. Oftentimes, a military flight will fly the American Flag at half staff in tribute to their fallen comrades. On non-military flights, the American Flag is rarely flown at half staff and is only done in an honor case when there is a member of the military who has died while flying the flag.


One of the most interesting facts

about the American Flag is its rich history. Some historical documents show that the original design of the American Flag wasn’t intended to be used as a symbol of revolution. The fact is that the design of the American Flag evolved from a simple knot that had been tied to the end of a piece of cloth during the Revolutionary War. As time passed and different symbols and ideas became associated with the American Flag, it began to be referred to as the American Flag. Today, whenever anyone sees the United States flag they are automatically reminded of all of its rich and varied history and heritage.

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